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I have every illness known to man, and I am pretty sure I have had the bird flu four of five times.

I know I drive people mad with my phobias." Star Crush alleges she's also afraid of chicken wings and freaks out if her teeth touch a bone.

The actress reportedly wanted co-star Brian Hallisay (her partner in real life and the father of her real child) to play the father of her baby on the show.

Producers had other plans, which put them at an impasse with the actress.

Hoping to see the same profit margin with the sequel, producers budgeted million, but the writing was on the wall when the first weekend's receipts amounted to less than million.

Action comedy The Golden Raspberry awards take place the evening before the Oscars, an unofficial counterpart that "celebrates" the absolute worst in film.

It's hard to believe Jennifer Love Hewitt is still in her 30s.

It's not that the former child actor and teen star has aged badly, she's just one of those celebs that seems to have been around forever…in the world of television, at least.

I am also scared of sharks, which is why you will never find me in the sea." quoted the actress admitting, "I am a terrible hypochondriac.

At the time of its 2008 release, the film was the worst box office opener in history, grossing a shocking per-venue average of just 7.

According to a critic for , fans actually petitioned CBS to give her the boot, claiming audiences "can only stand so many more episodes of this Lifetime Movie-style acting" and specifically citing the "twerking joke" in the video above.

At the movies, on the other hand, Hewitt briefly flirted with A-list status before completely dropping off the radar.

Looking back at her career, it's easy to understand why.

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If any of this unsubstantiated, but oft repeated, scuttlebutt is true, it could explain why Hewitt seems to be collecting more eye rolls than movie roles.

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