Kevin jonas dating danielle deleasa

Posted by / 24-Dec-2019 16:41

Apparently that’s the Jonas Brothers’ magic: they know how to make the girls swoon, even when they’re off the market.

Unlike his wife, Kevin is an old hand at fame, photo-shoots, and the limelight. With all this wild success, the fact that Kevin was drawn to and stayed with a down-to-earth girl like Danielle Deleasa says a lot about him.

It’s easy to see why this couple seems to be going so strong. During this time the Jonas brothers were at their peak, and girls were throwing themselves at the guys.

He was smitten with her immediately, but she apparently didn’t know who he was.

And that we come from a faith-based family and that not everyone in New Jersey is flipping over tables!

” Besides giving New Jersey reality shows a whole new look, these two have a very sweet silly side.

Danielle Jonas is not only a busy wife, but she is also quite successful.

Seeing her in the new video has piqued even more interest in their relationship.

Authenticity is a rare find these days but Kevin and Danielle Jonas are brimming with it.

It’s the considerate way they interact with those around them, the sweetness to their demeanor, the way that — even after Kevin’s worldwide fame and success — they have put down roots in their home state of New Jersey instead of opting for the bright lights of the city or another celebrity enclave.

Kevin and Danielle announced to the world they were parents to Alena, in 2014.

“We are overjoyed at the birth of Alena Rose Jonas,” the proud new parents said after the birth. We could not be more excited to start building our family together.

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In an interview, he admitted to some light stalking and said: “It was kind of creepy.