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Lemonlawdating com

She insisted on paying for everything throwing my card back at me (which has never happened before being M...usually I pay or split and all is good).Me not knowing what to believe sent him a Facebook message....for him to respond that they got married (on my birthday nonetheless) and that it wasn’t the first time this has happened....As a matter of law, customers of some kind are required; a reputation alone is insufficient.Plentyoffish argued that because the website provided the dating agency service to members for free, the website's 'customers' included people to whom the dating service was provided, regardless of the fact that they received the service for free.

I recently went on a couple dates with a different girl only to find out she was married...that’s a different story. I may be ready to take a break from the online dating scene.sorry to hear that happened to you man. I put the number in on FB and a completely different profile came up..I called her out and she played dumb saying it was his number.as examples of cases in which where there was held to be an acquisition of goodwill in a product or service without the need for customers.However, the court agreed with Plenty More's submissions that in both these cases, a UK business was already established and the question was whether there was an established reputation in relation to the mark attached to the business.However, the court considered that in this case, which involved the use of a trademark by a business that provided dating agency services, some provision of the services in question was required.Plentyoffish had failed to provide evidence that it had provided dating agency services to anyone in the United Kingdom on or before April 2007.

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Plentyoffish had submitted extensive details of hits on the website, but failed to give details of members, customers or revenue in the United Kingdom.

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