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The following week, she abandoned her career in mortgage banking and enrolled in a college criminal justice program.

She decided to make it her mission to push for changes in Iowa's sentencing laws that she believes would keep violent habitual offenders from victimizing more women.

The bill has failed to make it out of committee the past two legislative sessions, and Mc Coy said its fate doesn't look any brighter in the coming session.

Tiffany earned an associate's degree, returned to Des Moines and at age 21 bought a brick bungalow in northeast Des Moines."I asked her how, and she said he had a lot of tattoos." Misti Allison met Parks and said she thought he "was a nice person." "I never dreamed anything like this would happen." Tiffany Allison can recite with ease domestic violence statistics: For nearly three years, Allison has worked to change Iowa's sentencing laws for violent habitual offenders.Her efforts began shortly after Parks' most recent sentencing hearing."She has done more for individuals who have experienced domestic violence than I think she can ever know, and we applaud her for that." Mc Coy has suggested that Allison broaden her advocacy to support other domestic-violence-related legislation.For instance, one bill that passed in the Senate last session before stalling would have included dating relationships under the state's domestic abuse laws.

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"There's a lot of people in the Legislature that say we've got to make prison more of a place for last resort," Mc Coy said.

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