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My thanks to Brian, from Motordata Events Ltd, for providing me with the source information on which this section was assembled, and for him agreeing to it being used on the site.Some further tips on researching a car's history can be found in this article.Only law enforcement officers can run license plate numbers, and they have the tools to do so. You probably do not want to call law enforcement because someone forgot to turn on their blinker, but if you witnessed a serious crime, you should report it.And of course, if someone hit your vehicle or something else and then drove away, that qualifies as a severe crime.

A few months ago, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) launched an online appointment system to help drivers apply for licenses and renew their vehicle registrations through the Internet.There is also a section for code lists and highest sightings of Norwegian license plates, also with historical data. The latest pictures added can be seen on a separate page.There are two pages of highlights from recent European license plate history, including future issues. Are you ready to watch the amazing multitude of license plates that can be seen in Norway?The LTO also said that they have produced more than 230,000 pairs of license plates.LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante revealed that they have a backlog of 775,000 pairs of new vehicle plates.

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