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The changes are currently effective July 1, 2020, and the remaining 3.5% of their 6% contributions would still go into employees' individual account programs. Masih, attorney at Bennett Hartman Attorneys at Law, attorneys for the plaintiffs, said in an interview: “I think the main issue is that (PERS) is being asked yet again to reduce benefits for active employees who are not the cause of unfunded liabilities.” PERS spokeswoman Marjorie Taylor said the system cannot comment on pending litigation.

The law also creates a new 5,000 limitation on subject salary used for the retirement system's benefit calculations and contributions for salaries earned after Jan.

A clear and consistent policy outlines acceptable and unacceptable times for taking PTO and provides employees with reasonable notice to take the time off.

Federal law requires that employers apply fringe benefit policies, including PTO, without discrimination toward race, color, gender, religion or other protected classes. Employer may, however, cap the amount of vacation time that an employee can accumulate.

During business closings, salaried exempt employees must receive their guaranteed salary even if they do not have sufficient PTO.

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The only Federal "overtime law" is under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which also regulates equal pay, child labor and the minimum wage.

Nine union participants in the billion Oregon Public Employees' Retirement System, Salem, have filed a petition with the Oregon Supreme Court seeking the overturning of recent legislation that increased some employee contributions. 9, alleges that the changes mandated by Senate Bill 1049 violate Oregon's state constitution by impairing the contract rights of PERS members. Kate Brown, redirects 2.5% of the salaries of Tier One and Tier Two employees whose monthly salary exceeds ,500 to a pension stability account that will be used to pay down the pension plan's unfunded liability instead of going into a defined contribution-type plan.

Employees earning less than ,500 a month will not have a portion of their salaries redirected to the pension stability account.

An employer can also place limitations on when PTO can be used.

The Fair Labor Standards Act does not regulate paid time off (PTO).

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An employer can, however, require that employees use PTO to cover days taken for holidays.