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She’s also served as executive producers for shows like Swedish-American Welcome to Sweden and Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Most recently she participated in Maya & Marty and will be featured in 2017’s The House, alongside Will Ferrell. 98% of Catholic women say they’ve used birth control, and the other 2% are the ones always trying to get their church to start a softball team!

People use poorly defined phrases like "Russia hacked the election" & "Russian interference" because they sound a lot more consequential than what the Russian government is actually alleged to have done in 2016. Just because Trump says it doesn't make it untrue. will begin a phased withdrawal from Syria, which according to his critics, would only benefit ISIS who they say is still operational and would welcome a U.

Rejecting Russia Gate was always the correct antiwar position to that doesn’t lionize war criminals, bash whistleblowers, or spark Cold War. Some of us said so from the beginning, and this is not an “I told you so” but a “help me help you”. The more the public believes Russia is a grave threat to democracy in the US - which it isn't - the more likely people are to focus their time & energy on things that are at best pointless & at worst dangerous in lieu of a real social justice agenda. The only thing stopping the people from using their numbers to force the creation of a system which benefits them is MSM propaganda manipulating them into supporting the status quo. It’s directly related:… The absurd criticism of Gabbard's exposure of Harris's record as a right-wing, anti-Black prosecutor as being the work of Russia is another example that the greatest threat to democracy in the U. is emanating from MSNBC, CNN, democrat party and their silicon valley friends. Meanwhile, those who invaded #Iraq on a pack of lies not only still walk free, but are planning new wars against #Venezuela and #Iran. 1 week ago she lost her eldest son Bashar, 8, in a "rebel" rocket attack.Yesterday she lost her other son, Marcelle, 6, who was also killed by "rebel" mortars.It’s a decent article, though the second paragraph seems to legitimize some of the same anti-Russia talking points that helped propel the whole Russia Gate psy-op. TDS and blind blue-Party loyalty are harmful to the antiwar cause. Yeah right Depressing that 30% fewer Democrats than Republicans support withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan. A clear byproduct of two years of Clockwork Orange-style indoctrination by MSNBC’s wall to wall lineup of spooks & neocons selling war thru partisan identity. Not only do they encourage wrong positions like Assange-smearing or Russia Gate-promoting, but compare the attention on those in the last week, versus that spent opposing the actual villainy of Trump’s Yemen veto If you believe Assange would receive a fair trial in the US, it's because you don't know anything about the way those who expose US war crimes are treated.

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