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929,2 C215f V.2 1358159 GENEALOGY COL-LECTION J 3 1833 01208 5038 CONTENTS OF THE SECOND VOLUME. The Caenegies of Pittarrow, previous to their becoming the Heirs-Male of Southesk, . Alexander Carnegie mentions that Eobert's mother predeceased him, and that James, his brother, was drowned before he covild hear of Eobert's death.^ Eobert and James Carnegie both died without lawful children, as is evident from the fact that their uncle, ]\Ir. Mungo Carnegie became an advocate at the Scottish bar, and was ap- pointed Sheriff-clerk of Haddingtonshire. Frind, — I am so indisposed I could not come to Drumlithie, and hope my man will come so timously to thee as to prevent thy trouble of comeing from home. Keith, and of him 'as nearest of blood.' ^ In another letter, dated London, 14th July 1723, Mr. Mungo Carnegie, lately student of law at Leyden, granted a tlischarge to his brothers. Charles Carnegie, minister at Farnwell, for their transmissions of the allowance made to him by the late Earl of Southesk.^ Mr. ^ Original Summons at Kinnaird, and 2 Copy Petition and extract Act at Kin- printed Minutes of Evidence in Southesk naird. It merely refers to some passing business connected with the coimty of Kincardine, in which Sir David and Eobert Barclay were heritors ; but it is here given as a specimen of the epistolary style of that celebrated writer : — Urt, the 17th of January 1689. Alexander to this Alexander nor to any of his sons, Carnegie here quoted are at Saltoa. Charles Carnegie, who was Dean of Brechin and minister of Farn- wel L He married Barbara, the youngest daughter of Mr. Scott, dated at Leydeu, -ith July 1721, Eobert Carnegie mentions that he had received from his brother, a few days previously, a letter dated on board the ' Euby' sloop, in the Bay of Honduras, 9th February. Printed - Original Disposition, dated 16th Janu- in Minutes of Evidence in Southesk Peer- ary 1669, at Kinnaird.

In 1663 he conveyed his estates to his eldest son David on his marriage ; and after this he continiied until his death to live in comparative retirement, leaving the management of the estate to his son as the proprietor. Item, to Mistris Jean Ken- nedie, his spous, the soume [of] thriescore ten poundes monie forsaid. out of brotherly love, and pure donation, to give to his brothers and sisters a fourth part of the heritable estate of James, which belonged exclusively to Sir Uavid as his heir of conquest.^ ? He was born about the year 1643, as appears from one of his letters to his grandnephew, Andrew Fletcher of Milton, dated London, 16th February 1723, in which he mentions his approval of the purchase of an annuity for himself and his wife, who, he says, ' is now near threescore years of age, mine fourscore or thereabouts.' In another letter of the same date, addressed to his niece, Margaret Carnegie, Lady Salton, he refers to his ' brother Keith,' meaning his brother in-law, Captain Walter Keith, who married Janet Carnegie, Alex - ander's sister. William present Earl, 241 241 275 292 295 304 304 327 841 341 359 365 878 395 897 419 424 Pedigrees of other Branches, viz., — VI. Sir David agreed that his father should have the horse, his sister Catherine the sheep, and his mother the nightgowns and watch of his deceased brother. 246 SIR ALEXANDER CARNEGIE, FIRST OF PITTARROVV, 1639-1682. Alexander Carnegie, who became an accountant in London. 1649 he piirchased the lands of Mondynes from James Douglas of Stoney- path for £20,000 Scots; and three years later he acquired the lands of Odmeston from James Ramsay of Odmeston.^ In 1661 Sir Alexander was appointed a Commissioner for visiting the Colleges of Aberdeen.^ Sir Alexander resided at Pittarrow for the long period of forty years and upwards. Item, to the Earl of Southesk, the sowme of two hundreth pouudes Scotis monie, conforme to ane band grantit be me to him theirwpon Item, to William Seaton, one of the gentlemen of his Majestie's guard, the sowme of thriescore ten poundes Scots monie. 533 Description of Armorial Seals of the Carnegies, . 242 SIR ALEXANDEE CARXEGIE, FIRST OF PITTARROW, 1639-1682. 244 SIR ALEXANDER CAKK-EGIE, FIRST OF PITTARROW, 1639-1682. James Carnegie made liis will, which is as follows : — Be it kend till all men be thir presente lettres, me, James Carnegie, s Ureffedeput of Forfar, forswameikill as I am sicklie in bodie, yet of per- fyte vritt and memorie, and nothing more certaine than death, and nothing more uncertaine then the houre and tyme theirof, and being willing in the meanetyme to put my earthlie affaires to ane poynt, that I may be the better prepared for ray God when it shall please Him to call me out of this mortali- tie in his mercie, I make my lattere will and testament as followes : In the first place, I leave and recommend my soul to God, hopeing to be [saved] throw and be the merits of my dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Chryst, and or- daines my bodie to be interred amongis the faithfull, decentlie and honestlie, as effeiris, quhen it shall please God to remove me out of this mortall lyfe ; and I have nominat, made,^and constitute, and be thir presentes nominat, make, and constitute James Ogilvie, bvother-german to Sir Francis Ogilvie of Newgrainge, to be my sole executoure and intromettor with my haill guides and gear, debts, sowmes of monie, insight plenishing, vtincellis, and domi- cillis, and utheris goodis and gear quhatsomevere, perteining and belonging, or that quhich shall happen to pertein and belong to nie [the] tyme of my decease, when the samen shall happin : with power to my said executore to give wp the inventar of my saides guides and gear, debts and wtheris above writtin, confirme testament, and doe all wther thingis theiranent conforme to the lawes and practickis of this realme : and will and ordaine my said executore to pay to my lawfu U creditoris the sowmes of monie afterspecefeite, viz., To himselfe the sowme of six hundreth markis Scots monie, for quhich he hes no securitie, and alse ane other hundreth markes monie forsaid con- tained in his compt booke, for quhich also he hes no securitie ; and sickelyke all wther sowmes due be me to him which he can instruct be wryte or wther- wayes, and that out of the readiest of my saides guids and geare, and wtheris forsaid.

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From this agree- ment it appears that the brothers and sisters of James Carnegie were joint lieirs to his moveable estate ; which would of course be distributed equally among them.

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