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When the owners returned to their yacht at about PM they found a deck hatch on their well locked monohull had been damaged and pried open using a piece of rebar that the thieves left behind.The thieves stole a cellphone and other personal electronics. The police visited the yacht and took photographs, but more than a week later have yet to provide the promised copy of the report.On a mooring ball on the island of Dominica South of Roseau near the Anchorage Hotel when two men boarded the vessel.They entered the main cabin and wrestled the owner to the floor.They immediately began shouting and swimming back towards their vessel, which alerted others on boats in the anchorage who also began shouting at the intruder, who then jumped off the yacht and swam back to his boat and then motored away.Owners returned to their yacht and used their dinghy to pursue the individual, who had moored off the beach.

It was full of sand and water, life jackets had been shredded, oars removed and the engine lifting harness compromised. The PAYS office was closed but a report was made to a young man who was swimming nearby and identified himself as a member of PAYS. A yacht visiting Dominica to provide aid had special permission to use a mooring off Soufriere.

The next day PAYS took one of the owners ashore to meet with the police at a nearby restaurant (that had also had an incident of some sort that the police were investigating).

The police did not visit or take any evidence from the yacht, and the PAYS rep named the man to the police.

No follow-up information from the police or PAYS has been provided to the victims.

A single hander anchored in the south end of Prince Rupert Bay was awakened at AM by noise on deck.

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When the owners returned to their boat at 1700 HRS they discovered a man inside their boat.

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