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Posted by / 17-Feb-2020 08:26

I installed according to the video and SKSE directions as well.

I am reading your above comment, but I still do not understand which shortcut you mean or how to edit the target location.

SKSE later calls Load Library again, is that a problem?

I'm having issues where a plugin is not preloaded when it's supposed to!

Only SKSE plugins that have included a special file, indicating that they wish to load earlier, will be preloaded. Plugin author will decide this and include the file with their mod if it must be loaded like that.

with Sky UI being one of them i downloaded SKSE and installed it according to this video i followed everything to the letter and when i tried to run the skse loader it spits out a "couldn't find TESV.exe" which is crap because its right there.

I tried searching for someone having the same issue but i cant find anything.

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