Ny state sex chat room

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Ny state sex chat room

Following release from state prison, sex offenders are rarely subject to arrest or conviction for another sex offense.A recent study by New York’s Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives found that of 19,827 offenders registered as of March 31, 2005, the re-arrest rate for a new sex crime within one year from the date of first registration was 2 percent; re-arrest within two years was 3 percent; within five years, 6 percent; and within eight years, 8 percent. We need to fund prevention programs that stop sexual violence before it happens.The problem the legislation seeks to address is poorly understood; as a consequence the proposed regulatory scheme is misguided.The sponsor’s memorandum accompanying the e-STOP legislation speaks of a grave security risk posed by predators who utilize the internet to perpetrate sex crimes.2007 Subject: A.9859 (Lentol) / S.6875 (Skelos) (AN ACT to amend the correction law, the penal law, the executive law and the state finance law, in relation to the protection of people who use internet services from convicted sex offenders).Position: OPPOSED This legislation proposes a broad regulatory scheme that is intended to address the “clear and present danger” posed by “sexual predator[s]” who engage in communication via the internet.

However, e-STOP is not tailored to restrict only – or even primarily – speech that may be related to the commission of such crimes.

The law would also make criminal the mere act of viewing the My Space web site, even if done with the intent to learn about social or political events.

As a consequence the proposed regulatory scheme fails to pass constitutional muster.

With the introduction of this legislation, New York State continues to address the problem of sex offenses by pursuing policies that have the effect of marginalizing or banishing sex offenders. Patty Wetterling, whose son’s tragic death prompted the creation of federal and state sex offender registries, has been an outspoken critic of the use of such registries to marginalize and harass sex offenders. We need to look at what can help those released from prison to succeed so that they don’t victimize again – and that probably means housing and jobs and community support." There is considerable research that identifies the components of a best-practice model for preventing recidivism among sex offenders.

"Many states make former offenders register for life, restrict where they live, and make details known to the public. That model involves a coordinated program of monitoring, supervision and treatment, based upon a rigorous psychological and behavioral assessment of the individual.

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According to the author of the report, however, many of these propositions were “coming from other kids, or just people who are acting weird on line.” A highly regarded “Frontline” documentary produced by the Public Broadcasting System reached a similar conclusion.

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