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My friend’s older boyfriend had friends and family who knew what he was up to.They shouldn’t have brushed off the relationship as ‘silly’, but pointed out that it was wrong.Consider the Moby and Natalie Portman debacle, which seemed to be made up of Moby ignoring the imbalance inherently present as a result of their age gap so he could brag about dating someone hot.And just this week a couple with a 28 year age gap defended their love, despite having met when she was 16 and he was 44.We should be outraged and creeped out by a 40-something man who only dates women under the age of 25 – why isn’t he attracted to women closer to his age?We should be disgusted by the older lad with a girlfriend still in school uniform – he knows full well how much he’s changed in the space of a few years, and needs to be told that a teenager simply isn’t equipped for the relationship he now wants.Despite the familiarity that such relationships have bred, there are still ways to improve these evolutionary sanctioned dynamics.

Their friend should have questioned what they were doing.

The good news is that the general reaction to all these relationships has been a general sense of ‘nope, that’s creepy’.

But while there’s outrage whenever one of these stories is shared online, we need to be doing more in real life.

Everyone will remember someone who had a weirdly older boyfriend when they were in their teens. I’d go to his house, get drunk and high, and then we’d have sex that was entirely to his preferences and never resulted in an orgasm.

My best friend at the time lost her virginity, age 16, to a 27-year-old. Our older boyfriends had jobs (well, not mine) and could get us booze.

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