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The flu vaccine is the most effective method to prevent influenza.

The effectiveness of the vaccine depends on a number of factors, including the accuracy of the match between vaccine strains and circulating strains and the age and health of the recipient.

How effective are flu vaccines, especially since virus strains keep changing?

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These strains usually change each year, which is why the vaccine is given annually.

Even if you get the flu from a strain of the virus that wasn’t included in the vaccine, having the vaccine can make your illness milder.

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Research shows that influenza vaccination of health care personnel decreases patient mortality by 40 to 50 percent, risk of nosocomial infection by 43 percent and absenteeism by 20 to 30 percent while limiting the risk of bringing illness acquired at work home to family members. Our highest priority must be to protect our patients, many of whom are exceptionally vulnerable to adverse outcomes from the flu. Fifteen states have legislation requiring that health care workers be immunized in certain circumstances.