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Do you have questions about possible complications after delivery?

Sidelines believes you are a critical part of your health care team!

We focused on growing the company through conscious innovation and a low burn rate.

I didn’t have built-in connections to rely on if we needed more capital.

My mother gave me a nurturing environment to dream and experiment, never letting my gender limit my options. I knew staying in Jordan wouldn’t allow me the opportunity to grow in the way I wanted.

In my early 20s I chose not to work for the family business but to immigrate to Canada for my M. Once I completed my degree, I fought for a job at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions as a process engineering consultant.

I’d work for hours honing the messaging and working to explain why disrupting the industry was so important—and exactly how I’d do it.

In 2015 I founded Mejuri to break the barriers of traditional fine jewelry and create a brand that markets to women instead of men.

Last month my jewelry company Mejuri announced our series B raise—another round of investment recruiting.When we decided to fund-raise, I was six months pregnant. When Majed and I were raising our series A round, one investor asked us during our pitch if we planned on having kids.We were taken aback, because it was clearly something that would factor in their decision.Ask your OB, nurses and other providers what symptoms to watch out for after you are discharged from the hospital. Candace Hurley, founder Sidelines, an international nonprofit aimed at supporting women and families through a high-risk pregnancy, says women should be armed with an arsenal of questions before they go to their first appointment. Don't forget you can support Sidelines while shopping at Amazon!Now when you shop at, your purchases will support Sidelines National Support Network!

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Going from having a monthly paycheck to having to fight for every opportunity, to support and create roles for others, and to solve every single problem wasn’t easy.