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For some people, the sacrifices involved in a committed relationship are well worth all of the benefits that having a deep bond with a romantic partner can bring.However, depending on your values, you might actually be better off staying single.● Pros of online friendship are :- 1) One can befriend people from different states,countries and learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Online friendships are good but one should be careful and not lose themselves in the computer plus one has to make sure to not replace their real life friends with online friends.4)One always need to be careful and never let their guards down.It will be difficult to do this because friendship itself is all about trust and sharing and if you have to be cautious then I am not sure how much meaningful this friendship is going to be. better to not go alone to meet them) but if they are too far then you cannot even meet them.(Specially it will be troublesome if it is online relationship) 6)One may get too much addicted to their mobile phones or computer and lose touch with reality.By necessity, you’ll learn how to see things from your partner’s perspective, and you’ll learn how to communicate your own point of view in a clear and fair way.You may find that you and your partner are hesitant to try new things and that you gradually fall into a predictable routine.

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This could be very dangerous and it will not be a healthy way of living.