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You can definitely use those tips to create natural conversations that’ll make you a smooth talker and a charmer instantly. And once you know how to create long conversations using those tips on what to talk about on a date, use these 40 first date questions to create new conversation ideas. The next time you go out with the person, you can take him/her to the restaurant that offers the best () in town.You can quickly know about his/her dream destination with this one question.

Don’t get personal or say anything that may leave your date feeling awkward or embarrassed.

A simple and straightforward question that can help you to find common grounds, which can be used to carry the conversation forward, better.

You can know about his/her likes when it comes to food.

Can avoid this, if you aren’t interested in knowing him/her. You should ask this question without a miss, to any guy.

No matter how calm a person is, they will surely get angry at some point.

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If the conversations just start to feel like a series of questions to your date, they may look forward to ending the date instead of meeting you for the next date.

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