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Rosalie bonanno dating

Designed to cement an alliance between the two crime families, the sumptuous wedding had 3,000 guests.

De Cavalcante crime family boss Sam De Cavalcante later remarked on Bill's poor treatment of Rosalie: "It's a shame; the girl wanted to commit suicide because of the way he treated her".

However, many family members felt that Bill lacked experience and was too intellectual to lead effectively.

Salvatore served as Joseph's consiglieri in the Profaci crime family from 1931-1954.During Joseph's two-year absence, Bonanno mobster Gaspar Di Gregorio took advantage of family discontent over Bill's role to claim family leadership.Supported by the Mafia Commission, the Di Gregorio revolt led to four years of strife in the Bonanno family, labeled by the media as the "Bananas Wars".On January 26, 1966, as Bill and his loyalists left the house, a phone call from De Gregorio's people trying to "reschedule " the meeting as a ruse to draw Bonanno outside, they were fired on by people hidden at various points along the roadway and between neighboring houses. No one was wounded during this confrontation, which led many observers to conclude that it never happened.In 1968, after a heart attack, Joseph ended the family warfare by agreeing to retire as boss and move to Arizona.

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As part of this peace agreement, Bill also resigned as consigliere and moved out of New York with his father.

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