Russia germany dating

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Russia germany dating

If it stuck to the ceiling, some people thought it meant they would have good luck and would have a good harvest!The Russian word for Christmas Eve 'sochelnik', comes from the word 'sochivo'.The meal often consists of 12 dishes, representing the 12 disciples of Jesus. It was evening when Babushka arrived at Bethlehem and she had been traveling for a long time. She knew now that the baby king was the most important thing in the world to her. 'Vzvar' (meaning 'boil-up') is often served at the end of the meal. She went into the local inn and asked about the kings. "They have gone to Egypt, and safety," he told Babushka. They are normally rewarded with cookies, sweets and money. She could easily catch them up, but she felt so tired. The next thing she knew, she was awake and it was dark outside. She quickly pulled on her cloak, packed the toys in a basket and ran down the path the kings had taken. To people in western Europe and the USA, one of the most famous things about Christmas in Russia is the story of Babushka. It tells the story of an old women who met the Wise men on their way to see Jesus. The date is different because the Russian Orthodox Church uses the old 'Julian' calendar for religious celebration days. But it has fixed dates, starting on 28th November and going to the 6th January, so it's 40 days long. Some people fast (don't eat anything) on Christmas Eve, until the first star has appeared in the sky.The official Christmas and New holidays in Russia last from December 31st to January 10th. People then eat 'sochivo' or 'kutia' a porridge made from wheat or rice served with honey, poppy seeds, fruit (especially berries and dried fruit like raisins), chopped walnuts or sometimes even fruit jellies!

If people did want to celebrate Christmas, they had to do it in secret just in their families.Kutia is sometimes eaten from one common bowl, this symbolizes unity.In the past, some families like to throw a spoonful of sochivo up on the ceiling.Following the meal, prayers might be said and people then go to the midnight Church services. I couldn't offer the couple anything better at the time. They often don't wash the dishes until they get home from Church - sometimes not until 4.00am or 5.00am! My inn was really full, so they had to go in the stable." Babushka followed him across the yard.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, people were free to celebrate Christmas again.

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