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also see set the ** Note that I comment out the set Validation as this will trigger the old style of validating (using jaxp attributes) When you set a Schema on the Document Builder Factory, as I do above, the xml will be validated against it.

The above should be changed to "test.xsd" (forgot the "") when replaced my filename with yours..

Hi, The following when called with a validated XML file as a parameter produces the above Exception, and I can't figure out why, any ideas? public class XMLDOM extends JPanel true); but I want the validation.

I always thought that the urls in namespace names in XML were just used to ensure uniqueness?

In any case I thank you and objects to for the lovely experience I had using this site and I wish you all the very best in your pursuit for the valuable E.

This tutorial examines the use of the Simple API for XML version 2.0.x, or SAX 2.0.x.

I meant the particular question referred to in fact.

The conclusion you jumped to is your own You gave no such suggestion.

Type 'choices-type' is element only, but it's base type is not." I can probably understand the message, but how come I can validate the XML and XSD on not here?

It is aimed at developers who have an understanding of XML and wish to learn this lightweight, event-based API for working with XML data.

It assumes that you are familiar with concepts such as well-formedness and the tag-like nature of an XML document.

However, it seems that even though the XML validates OK at the web site with the link I've posted above, SAX apache xerces (not sure about the correct terminoligy here) seems to not like the format of my XSD file giving a "Unique Particle Attribution" error.

I think this is something to do with the fact that I am allowing an as in it's now validating the XML using the XSD file That's because you are now using the suggestion i gave you earlier of making the schema locally resolvable, but since you've given me no credit on this question, the person who seems to have got all the credit can answer your other question ;-) That's because you are now using the suggestion i gave you earlier of making the schema locally resolvable No, that is not correct.

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