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But here the results were most unexpected: they found that the SG is actually larger in SG, not larger, as in adults.The authors acknowledge that their findings are “complex,” and argue that the reversal between childhood and adulthood reflects the later maturation of boys’ brains, compared to girls.At first glance, studies of the brain seem to offer a way out of this age-old nature/nurture dilemma.Any difference in the structure or activation of male and female brains is indisputably biological.(Adolescents’ brains undergo a substantial “pruning” or reduction in gray matter volume during adolescence, which happens about two years earlier in girls, compared to boys.) However, in both studies, Wood and colleagues added another test that reminds us to be cautious when interpreting any finding about sex differences in the brain.Instead of simply dividing their subjects by biological sex, they also gave each subject a test of psychological “gender:” a questionnaire that assesses each person’s degree of masculinity vs.And so, any time scientists report a difference between male and female brains, especially in adults, it begs the question, “Nature or nurture?” Is women’s larger SG the cause of their social sensitivity, or the consequence of living some 30 years in a group that practices greater empathetic responding?

A first study, published in March 2008 found that one subdivision of the ventral prefrontal cortex—an area involved in social cognition and interpersonal judgment—is proportionally larger in women, compared to men.Then contact Mind Matters co-editor Gareth Cook, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist at the Boston Globe, where he edits the Sunday Ideas section.Lise Eliot is Associate Professor of Neuroscience at The Chicago Medical School of the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science.femininity—regardless of their biological sex—based on their interests, abilities and personality type.And in both adults and children, this measure of “gender” also correlated with SG size, albeit in just as complicated a way as the correlation between “sex” and SG size.

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If the sex difference in the SG is present early in life, this strengthens the idea that it is innately programmed.