Secret dating black book a must read

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Secret dating black book a must read

Once you provide your credit card information to cover shipping costs, you are unknowingly locked into a monthly subscription.Delivery and billing can then be difficult, if not almost impossible, to stop.To learn more, please refer to the full text of the Acts or contact the Competition Bureau.Website: This publication can be made available in alternative formats upon request.A tentacled, octopus-like monster is escaping from a computer screen where the words “Enter your name” and “Give us your banking info” are displayed.

Offline, they can go through trash bins or steal mail.

CEO scams are a growing global threat that targets small local businesses and large corporations alike.

An elderly man with a grey beard in a purple superhero suit is upheaving a wooden cart with one of his arms.

It is holding two more masks representing the stolen superhero’s identity.

Scammers are always on the lookout to collect or reproduce your personal information to commit fraud.

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Contact the Competition Bureau’s Information Centre at the numbers listed above.

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