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Our free - no credit card required account gives you full access to search and view members profiles - even set up your own to start getting messages.Take a look and see if there's anyone who takes your fancy.Bored housewives looking for a little daytime excitement, professional types with demanding jobs that leave little time for a serious relationship, slutty types who just love sex and the odd obligatory guy in a dirty raincoat (some of our members like these guys and we aim to please)!Come on inside to find your fuck buddy with Bang Buddies.

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We do not employ shady tactics to entice new members in or employ people to pose as female members to boost numbers. The biggest complaint about most adult dating sites is the lack of female members compared to male members.

Most of us fall somewhere between those two extremes, expressing the traits to different degrees and in different ways.

And don’t feel the need to play extrovert just to fit in.2.

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