Spanking personals dating dating tips meeting women

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Spanking personals dating

Meet thousands of men and women near looking get spanked, or give you a good spanking!

When you place your personal ad, you will be asked for your own choice of password.

If you are a male spankee, a man or woman who enjoys spanking male bottoms, or are just curious come by and take a tour.

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It’s called Bottom Seek, and it’s a spanking personals site with a ton of social networking features “for male spankees and the people who spank them.” One of the things Bethie has learned while running spanking personals sites is that there are some seriously under-served and under-appreciated sub-niches in our spanking fetish.

And one of these is in the area of men who want to be spanked: there seem to be a lot of of them, and they seem to have trouble finding anybody to spank them, and they don’t always mix easily and comfortably with the rest of the spanking community.

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