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Posted by / 19-Feb-2020 12:51

While traditional speed dating aims to spark love by helping people find things in common such as favorite movies or similar music tastes, CESD seeks instead to facilitate blunt conversations about cultural equity to see where politics align.

The host, taking on the personality of a gameshow host, will guide the participants through questions like “Are you an ethnic minority in the neighborhood where you live?

Once the bell rings, it is on to the next person and the next question.

This fast-paced activity will energize the room and give people an opportunity maximize the number of colleagues they get to meet during the conference.

I concluded that the only thing I needed to do was nail the facts and features of my product and ask for the sale.

I didn’t try to connect with the client and as a result the conversation was little more than a one man show: “This is what my product offers and it’s the best on the market, etc.

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Ask questions that help you understand your buyer’s situation.