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Tarek and Heather's Sunday afternoon took a turn for the romantic when they boarded a boat called "Bad Decisions" in Redondo Beach, Calif., and TMZ snapped photos of the pair locking lips. A source tells us that 37-year-old Tarek is "slowly" starting to date following his 2016 split from Christina Anstead, but is nowhere near ready to take that next step with Heather.

"Tarek and Heather have recently started hanging out, but it's nothing serious nor official," explains our insider.

star Heather Rae Young, who he was recently spotted spending time with.

It's more likely feminist outrcry because he writes terrible rapey "pickup artist" instructionals.

“I think I’m looking for something,” El Moussa, 37, told Us Weekly in an interview released on Saturday.

There is a reason why they had to "announce" it , instead of showing them out and about as a couple.

You all supported UK's travel bans for "hate speech" until they applied to a racial extremist from your own side.

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