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Addressing teen dating violence and building healthy relationships takes work, and education is the first step.

Download our Teen Dating Abuse booklet: "Jealousy Ain't Love" to learn more about the dynamics of abuse in teen relationships, and ways to build healthy relationships.

If you or someone you know is being hit, pushed, verbally and/or sexually assaulted, help is available.We encourage you to talk to a trusted adult if you have safety concerns Teens have access to restraining orders if they feel unsafe in their relationships, even if they go to school with their abusive partner.If you are age 13 or older, you have the right to file a restraining order without parental consent.Catalyst can provide a variety of tools for starting these conversations.You can also download the "Jealousy Ain't Love" booklet, and look through it on your own and/or with your teen(s).

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