The perfect match dating

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The perfect match dating

“In a long-term relationship, both people are going to change over time, "Dr. "But if your values and principles are aligned, if they’re similar, then those changes are going to manifest in ways that remain compatible.” Although it can be pretty tricky or even intimidating to ask someone about their values on a first date, creative questions can help you get to the root of a person and even help you stand out. Sterling gave an example: Say you’re looking for a long-term relationship and you value personal integrity and happiness, and look for depth in a person.

Ask them something like, “Would you rather be at a job for 10 years, making half a million dollars a year, but unhappy and unable to quit, or make ,000 a year and feel completely fulfilled professionally?

If you have hard dealbreakers, like you don’t plan on having children or you are only looking for something serious, Dr. “I know people hesitate to lead with that information because, and the feedback I’ve gotten from my clients in my private practice is that, they don’t want to sound arrogant or like they’re flattering themselves,” she said.

“But there’s nothing arrogant or flattering about that.

I think that they can be done really adorably and they can make you look more vulnerable and open and more emotive than words can,” she said.

Once you’ve determined your reason for being there and what you’re looking to get out of the app, you can begin swiping.People can get really overwhelmed very quickly in a text tsunami situation, so definitely control the urge to text too much,” Dr. However, every conversation has a tipping point — if you exhaust the conversation, it can often feel like there’s no point in meeting up.So, once you’re pretty sure you're into your match, it’s time to initiate a date. Sterling suggests straying from the norm and trying a new activity together.So I don’t think you can be forthright with that enough.” Be smart about how you text Although there’s technically nothing wrong with starting a conversation with “Hey, how’s it going? On the other hand, cheesy pickup lines often go ignored or worse, get turned into Instagram memes. Sterling suggested sticking to your personal style and opening with what feels most authentic to you, like a GIF.“I think a GIF can communicate so much more than just text.

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Everything you experience on a first date can provide you with insight as to whether or not you and your date are going to be long-term compatible matches.

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