These coconuts are quite intimidating

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These coconuts are quite intimidating

This giant, 9-pound crustacean would have been able to pinch with about 750 pounds of force (or 3,300 Netwons).

To put that in perspective, a human’s bite (from the molar) exerts an average of 265 pounds of force.

These crustaceans are descended from a hermit crab ancestor which, up to about 5 million years ago, would have scavenged a hard snail shell to carry on its back for protection.

Without their shells, the crabs were able to grow larger and protected themselves by developing a hard, calcified abdomen, the study suggests.

Their pinches exerted about 7 to 400 pounds of force (or 29 to 1,765 Newtons) During the challenging process of measuring and weighing the crabs, the researchers got pinched multiple times by the animals’ claws.

Since the the strength of the crabs’ claws was strongly correlated with body mass, the study authors were able to calculate the pinching force of the largest recorded coconut crab.

These coconuts will speak to you and tell you if it is bloated. It was shockingly better than any coconut milk I’ve ever had commercially. Simply poke a hole through the eyes of the coconut. Continue to use the hammer to loosen the coconut from the shell.

A man, grabbing a coconut, efficiently stabs its eyes and pours delicious out delicious coconut water. Within a few seconds, the coconut falls apart, revealing a succulent white flesh surrounded by a raggedly edge.

The aroma of coconut wafts up, feeding on anticipating and increasing thirst.

And an Olympic boxer’s average punch exerts around 770 pounds of force, although this is more of a push than a clamping force.

Coconut crabs, or robber crabs, may have gained their tremendous claws as they lost the need to carry a shell during the course of their evolution.

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Hot water is used is to extract the coconut oil from the meat.

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