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Tortoisegit updating to revision

SETUP STEPS (creating repositories to reproduce the issue.txt does all of the command line steps below up until the #TGIT comments) 1.Create a new revision on that branch with an updated submodlue cd submodule/ git checkout submod_second cd .. On master create a conflict with the file change (nothing to do with the submodule) git checkout master \#bring the submodule back to the revision it should be in master git submodule update \#create a conflict with the file only echo oldfile > git commit -am "updating file" 4.Attempt a rebase from local_second git checkout local_second git submodule update \#At this point, we are on the local_second branch with no local changes (submodule and files are up to date) \#TGIT: show log \#TGIT: change branch in log window to master \#TGIT: right click the 'master' label and click on 'rebase "local_second" on to this' \#TGIT: click start rebase What is the expected output? Once the rebase has started, a conflict will show in file.txt, but the submodule will show as modified as well. Once the rebase has started, a conflict will show in file.txt, but the submodule will show as modified as well.Even though it is noticed, there is no way to continue this rebase without taking the submodule update also.What version of Tortoise Git and msysgit are you using? TGit: msysgit: 1.8.0.msysgit.0 OS: Win 7 x64 Please provide any additional information below.

If that is not possible, though, it would also be nice if TGit could allow you to uncheck it so that is not part of the current rebase step (or subsequent ones until it is expected).

The reset command comes with a couple of options, one of the more interesting ones being the "--soft" flag.

If you use it instead of --hard, Git will keep all the changes in those "undone" commits as local modifications: You'll be left with a couple of changes in your working copy and can then decide what to do with them.

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The submodule did not change in this commit and should not be noticed.

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