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The only people who attend the ending ceremonies are families and girlfriends," one fan commented, as translated by Netizenbuzz.

"It'd be weird if they weren't lovers at this point.

It could have been difficult for them, but they overcame it and became even more respectful"The two of them really have done so many amazing things in the industry.

You have so many fans around Asia, Europe, Arab world, Latin America. Good luck with your new SBS drama "I Order You" ...The largest scandal that this veteran idol group has faced within their entire career was the departure of 3 of TVXQ's original members from the group as well as SM Ent. Outside of this, the two TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin have been involved in little to no major scandals including dating rumors, public relationships, etc.In light of recent events, netizens are saying, "The two TVXQ members were respectable early in their careers too, but I really admire that they were able to grow and mature into the people that they are now after their time of hardship.After School's UEE and TVXQ's Yunho recently sparked relationship rumors.Photos of Yunho's training completion ceremony on August 27 were released showing UEE amongst Yunho's family and friends at the celebration.

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just wanna ask why is it that his most recent drama played before him going to his military training was never added into his list of drama completed... Author of web-based novel wrote story: cartoon protagonist hav major resemblance with Yunho and now it's made into drama and Yunho is the leading actor playin' that main's like this drama is meant for him . He's the cream of the crop when it comes to selling power in Japan.

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