Uc berkeley dating scene girls dating guide

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Uc berkeley dating scene

There is a lot of green space for stress reduction. It may not be perfect but its a good school overall.

There are countless student organizations and other activities mentioned earlier in this survey, so it is not difficult to find belonging while attending the school. I went there in 5th grade and I even got to meet jared Goff.

Also theres tis huge bell tower and when you're at the top of it you can see the whole university.

The buildings look amazing and the envinroment around it is saf. It is a beautiful, challenging school but the housing situation is atrocious and might be bad enough to not make the school worth it despite all the other great parts of it such as the great professors, research opportunities, selection of academic and extracurricular activities, surrounding nature, job opportunities, great food, great public transportation, and proximity to San Francisco. In terms of academics and campus facilities, UC Berkeley does very well.

The environment of UC Berkeley is just very toxic in my opinion, and at times I do regret my decision in coming here.

One more thing I would like to add is the housing crisis.

Personally I have dealt with racism from white and Asian students, I know for a fact it is because I do not share the same background as they do, a background with money.

I WOULD HEAR THINGS LIKE, "He has no money cause he's Latino." or "He's most likely undocumented." No one wants to hear these things knowing that this will be their home for the next four years.

Another issue I would have is only on a personal level with other students.

As of class of 2022, there are approximately over 700 students who identify from their Latin roots, and we only have 1 EOP counselor to rely on throughout the academic year.

Apart from that, I personally believe that this school is a little too vocal when it comes to political opinions.

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They have opportunities for each major and they allow you to grow in the field of your choice. I think UC Berkeley is an amazing school for every single major, but the resources are not all the way there for the Latinx community.

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