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Morphine is considered an essential medicine by the World Health Organization in its injectable, tablet, and oral solution formulations.

Oral solution mixed from morphine powder is the cheapest formulation.

Some patients with neuropathic pain do not receive adequate relief from opioids alone and need other specialized medicines.

© 2013 Angela Chung/Human Rights Watch Palliative care: Healthcare that aims to improve the quality of life of people facing life-limiting illness, through pain and symptom relief, and through psychosocial support for patients and their families.

Instead, staff provide palliative care for outpatients and visit patients in the hospital or their homes.

Community-based palliative care: Also called home-based palliative care.

Psychosocial support: A broad range of services such as those provided by psychologists, counselors and social workers.

Many kinds of psychosocial support, such as facilitating play for hospitalized children, can be performed by volunteers. Some hospices are residential facilities, but in Senegal, many hospices do not have inpatients.

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Level 2 analgesics: Stronger pain medications which include weaker opiates such as codeine, tramadol, trabar, buprenorphine (known in Senegal as Temgesic), and dihydrocodeine.

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