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The purpose of table qualifiers is as follows: SQL Server and Oracle: name of database that contains table Intersolv d BASE driver: directory of DBF files Comma-delimited list of form fields to update.

If a form field is not matched by a column name in the database, CFML throws an error.

This can be useful for passing custom attributes that change the behavior of the connection.

See your data source’s documentation for details on what options are available.. Typically this setting is only applicable to cases where a data source is used for infrequent but expensive queries that could impact the performance of the database. This setting will persist the Cold Fusion connection to your database, eliminating the authentication and initialization overhead for every request. You can also specify a duration in minutes that a connection should persist, and how often (interval) the connection should be checked.

and Cold Fusion: CREATE TABLE `articles` ( `article_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `article_title` varchar(255) collate utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL default '', `article_style Element Text` blob NOT NULL, `article_body` blob NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`article_id`) ) DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci; To use Edit Live! Each of these pages is explained here and code samples are provided. Start with a standard HTML page containing Edit Live! To see the steps involved in creating this page please see Edit Live! The file displays the chosen article information to allow the user to confirm that they wish to delete the specified article.

The index page of the press release center lists all of the articles currently available in the database. Once confirmation is obtained, the relevant record in the database is deleted using the processing page, To enable the image upload functionality, a new script must be created and then referenced in the configuration file.

is embedded into a Web page using Cold Fusion and Java Script.

The administration of data sources remains one of the most important features available in the Cold Fusion Administrator.

Incorrect or inefficient settings here can have a dramatic impact on the usability of your applications.

Connecting to databases was one of the first widespread uses of Cold Fusion.

In fact, the first iterations of what we now know as CFML was called DBML or database markup language.

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All of this happens before your request runs to guarantee that your request gets a *good* db connection from the start.

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