Updating a sofa married dating meet personals

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Updating a sofa

Note we didn’t just drape it over the arm of the sofa (like you often see).

One of my stagers found this beige throw in a bedroom, and we folded it long-ways and draped it across the “crack” of the sofa cushions – vertically down the back, tucked into the seat cushion, then smoothed over the seat and down the front of the sofa.

Once the stain is removed, cover the skinny sofa table in a layer of varnish to give it a shiny finish.

Re-stain then, once you have scraped your skinny sofa table, you do not have to leave it with a natural finish.

Use a brush to apply an even coat of paint and varnish remover to take away from the former stain or paint.

For any lingering residue drive a stiff brush over the surface and wipe it down with a lacquer thinner to remove the last traces of the stain.

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Skinny sofa table – A skinny sofa table is usually a component of the seating area in the living room.