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No law enforcement officer is able to locate and serve Daniels until February 14, when Officer Oxendine spots Daniels enjoying a Valentine’s Day meal out with his girlfriend. I don’t know of any statutory or other authority for an officer to do that. Having said that, it is my understanding that having officers alter summonses is common practice in some areas of the state.

I have even heard that at one time, officers were trained to do this as the preferred course of action.

Monday through Friday during the day: work with the clerk.

Suppose that February 14 is a Tuesday and Defendant Daniels and his girlfriend are enjoying a nice Valentine’s Day lunch.

So please be guided accordingly with your questions.

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This approach is therefore the closest one to having clear statutory authorization. But what if February 14 is a Saturday, or Daniels and his girlfriend are having dinner rather than lunch?

Now contacting the clerk’s office isn’t a realistic option.

My goal for this AMA is to teach and inform, rather than stir up drama (for those who know what I'm referring to).And to some extent, NCAWARE accommodates this approach.But even if this is a practical strategy that is widely used and hasn’t led to any difficulties, the rules-following part of me thinks that it isn’t the right course of action.For example, suppose that Magistrate Morales issues a criminal summons on January 1.The summons orders Defendant Daniels to come to court on February 1 to answer a charge of misdemeanor larceny of his neighbor’s lawnmower. If Officer Oxendine were asking me, I wouldn’t suggest that she change the date on the summons herself. 14-221.2 makes it a felony to alter criminal or civil process “without lawful authority.” It may be unlikely that Officer Oxendine would be prosecuted for changing the date herself, but I would never encourage an officer to do something that the statutes seem to forbid.

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