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And when you want to do more, subscribe to Acrobat Pro DC.

Then you can edit, export, and send PDFs for signatures.

If you use several browsers on Windows, you may have more than a single version of Flash Player installed.

It’s easy to remove them all in one fell swoop, though. Next, select “Programs and Features” to view your list of installed applications.

From the context menu that appears, choose “Global Settings.” You should now see the “Flash Player Settings Manager” on your screen.

Look for the “Advanced” tab to check your update preferences or force another check for the latest version.

The regular price for Adobe PDF Pack is General Terms: Valid only for eligible persons who are 18 . Offer and prices subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Although you disable Flash from running inside the browser you use, I’d recommend a complete uninstallation if you want to rid your computer of it for good.

What’s more, simply disabling Flash in your browser might not be enough to protect your computer!

In order to achieve this, you’re going to have to think about your updates.

They may be the bane of your digital life, but software updates are crucial to staying afloat online, whatever operating system is installed.

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Allowing Flash to “notify me to install updates” is the only acceptable alternative, where the Flash plugin checks for new versions on a regular basis, prompting you to install any patches.

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