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One more thing I had done was to downgrade the Java JRE to 1.6 because the latest update version 1.6.07 was causing problems like Eclipse not running at all.I cannot be sure if something in the Europa version was wrong, but you can try this. - Install the Android Eclipse plugin in Eclipse Ganymede - Try running your simple app. Before you run the application in the new Ganymede version, do read up on the 'updating SDK' section on Android Google website.You can use the Eclipse update manager to discover and download all updates for the COM Plug-in for Eclipse.

[2008-10-24 - Hello Android] Launching: com.android.hello.

After booted the OS on the emulator, eclipse don't send that disconnect error, and "sends" the app that i've builded, also the console shows messages about this.

Then finally appears on the mobile "Hello, Android".

Well, I was trying to resolve the problem myself and I found a very "buggy" solution: Maybe the emulator is running so slow, and the adb server, or another component like "DDMS" is a little "desperate" because seems it's waiting to the emulator to iniatialize the some HOME aplication. ; and the emulator continues running normally and boot it's system, but don't run application that I build.

But the emulator is running slow, the console in Eclipse send a message: emulator-5554 disconnected! So for that problem I run program, and when the emulator is opened, I go back to eclipse in DDMS Perspective and in the Device tab y press a button "restart adb server" before the console shows me the message of "emulator-5554 disconnected! I do it several times until the emulator finally boot the OS.

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[2008-10-24 - Hello Android] New emulator found: emulator-5554 [2008-10-24 - Hello Android] Waiting for HOME ('android.process.acore') to be launched...