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And even more significantly, my much older i Pad Air — which was barely usable on i OS 11 — has had new life breathed into it with the software update.

It’s still not the fastest i Pad around, but it’s at least returned to a state where there aren’t minute-long delays when opening apps.

i OS 12 isn’t only about responsible choices in using your phone and a desperately needed performance improvement, though.

There are a few more interesting and entertaining new features included, too, like Memoji — custom animated Animoji avatars.

Now, you’ll need an i Phone X — or one of the newly announced i Phone XS, XS Max, or XR models — to use Memoji, and unlike some of the other custom 3D avatar apps and services, you’ll need to make the entire thing from scratch.

But there’s plenty of options for customization of your avatar, and the end results tend to look like bespoke versions of Apple’s own regular emoji sets, which helps avoid the uncanny valley-ish creations that you can sometimes run into.

It’s Apple’s attempt at countering the increasing concern over the fact that we all may be spending too much time on our phones, part of the “time well spent” movement that’s been sweeping the tech world in the past few months.

There’s also a new Messages effects mode, which lets you layer Memoji and Animoji in real time on top of live pictures and video (along with Instagram and Snapchat-esque stickers, text labels, and drawings) which does seem ripe for memes, though.

It’s here where Screen Time falls a little flat, though, because while Apple gives you the tools to improve your behavior, the process is extremely passive.

to decide whether or not you want to institute the limits and on which apps you want to put them in place — Screen Time won’t even offer a recommendation.

i OS 12 also (at this admittedly early junction) feels far more stable than last year’s i OS 11, which was infamously plagued with months of bugs and issues.

That may change as the final version of i OS 12 makes its way out into the world, but so far, it’s better than last year, which is already an improvement.

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i OS 12 is officially available today, after months of betas both for developers and the general public, following its announcement at WWDC in June.

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