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Updating metal kitchen cabinets

One of our grab bars was separating a bit from the door, leaving a gap that paint couldn’t fill.Luckily, it was a lower cabinet, and you would have to be lying on the floor to see it.The trademark of these 80s kitchen cabinets is the oak grab bar.But when you paint the grab bar on a flat surface, a lot of that paint is going to drip down before it has a chance to set. Instead, paint the hook first, then move on to the rest of the door. First, it removes the pooled paint before it hardens and makes a big blob inside the grab bar.But all these new things made the rest of the kitchen more drab than ever.The melamine cabinets with oak trim looked so sad next to the bright white and stainless steel.A good primer will cover up the oak, and prevent the tannins from seeping to the surface.I started painting the cabinet frames first, and didn’t prime the oak side panels first. The white turned an orangey-yellow as it dried, and it took 4 coats to cover it up.

We only plan to keep these cabinets for another year or two, so I skipped this step.The melamine is super smooth, but the oak has large pores and open grain.These differences are visible even with many coats of paint.You can see the obvious difference in texture here.You may want to caulk between the wooden grab bar and the melamine door for a more seamless finish.

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But what about the hooked part of the grab bar, and the thin cabinet frame?

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