Updating physics on object in Young adult rp chats

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Updating physics on object in

At the end of the day you're not creating a virtual world, you're creating the illusion of a virtual world...

just do as much work as is necessary to sell it to the player. If you have a very large world, where most of it is off screen, look into quad trees.

Currently I just store everything as objects in various arrays and then during an update I will loop through all these arrays and their contents and call update on the objects. I only draw what is on screen but the objects still need to update off screen so I can't think of a way to lower the performance hit.

Moving objects based on frame rate is very important for creating smooth movement.

Generally, that is a more appropriate technique for Games than pure Object Orientation, and for particle systems it's a must. If all your objects need the same kind of updates there's no other way than to update each one individually.

That unless you can find a way to share data between those object. Why do you have so many objects in the first place? I use a totally different approach with some games- I have a central 'task queue', and every single object adds an 'update me' task to that queue when it's created, specifying when it should happen.

As some particle engines could easily have thousands and thousands of particles at one time... Remember you can use multiple LOD (Level of Detail) levels for logic as well as graphics.

For example, expensive AI on distant/hidden characters might be much simpler, or less frequently updated.

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So that you aren't comparing everything vs everything.

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