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Line 2 runs underground from the busy Xian North Station (Beikezhan) to Weiqunan in the south.This is the busiest line on the system as it travels 26.2km, with a trip taking 47mins.The inaugural line of the metro (2011), it runs along important commercial avenues such as Bei Lu and Chang An Lu, deep under the historic centre around the Bell Tower, and busy Xiaozhai, where there is transfer to Line 3.Line 3 is Xians newest (2016) and longest line at 37.7km.In the centre it travels through the ancient city between Yuxiangmen and Chaoyangmen (men = gate).There is transfer to Line 2 at Beidajie and to Line 3 at Tonghuamen.The original two lines form the classic shape of many Chinese metros with the newer Line 3 linking the southwestern and northeastern parts of the city with the centre.Opened in 2013 as the second line of the system, Line 1 is fully underground and runs west-east, linking Xianyang City with Xian itself, taking 44mins to travel the 25.0km.

Street entrances are unique in that they have smart arched Perspex entrances framed within structures that mimic ancient construction styles.On walls and the sides of stairwells are large calligraphic and Pinyin station names as well as individual station icons/graphic emblem.One of the highlights of the system is that this metro uses a unique font as well as each station having an individual icon/emblem, representing a local building or historic event - an attractive touch. 2, which links the new Xi'an North Railway Station to Weiqu in the south, along a straight north-south corridor right through the city centre.It was built 20 m below ground to protect a 13.7 km city wall dating back from the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a key downtown heritage site.

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