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His best friend Eduardo pops in to help him and they have the site live in less than an hour.

Whatever his story was, I knew it had to be a lot more interesting than the last ten people I talked to (French Guy: “I’m directing this commercial in Germany.” Me: “Oh yeah? ” French Guy: “I cannot talk about it.”) So I made my way over and casually introduced myself. I had known this producer for over a year and we’d had thousands of conversations but he had never mentioned a brother.

And two, I never looked at money the same way again.

Naturally, all of this came roaring back to me after reading “The Social Experiment.” Instead of a story about brothers though, this is a story about two friends – one a computer genius, the other a business expert – who began a website that became the fastest growing phenomenon in internet history.

A lot of great-looking people, pool shenanigans, multiple bars, an overly energetic DJ (this is not me bragging btw; Culver City is much more my scene).

As I was taking in the chaos, however, I noticed this quiet little fashion-challenged 30-something in the corner.

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About: Aaron Sorkin was commissioned by Sony and producer Scott Rudin to write a movie about Facebook based on the book, “The Accidental Billionaires.” Interestingly, Sorkin had little to no knowledge of Facebook when he got the job.