When updating your flashpaq symantec not updating

Posted by / 25-Jan-2020 04:10

When updating your flashpaq

Although, depending on design, disconnecting during update may not break anything.Some embedded computer devices have redundant software loads. Only after successful update, the bits are set to load from the backup.

ALWAYS return car to stock before having anyone work on your car, ESPECIALLY the dealer.....the 5 star idiots. I could swear that in one of these threads that the new update helped out there idle.

Perhaps there is a chance that something may break (or not work correctly) if you dont go back to stock first?

Does anyone know if this an issue with a specific superchips software build or ECM/TCM version?

The first step in using the Flashpaq is to update the programmer by plugging the supplied USB cable into your internet-connected computer and using Superchips’ free Easy Update software.

Sometimes manufacturers updatethe firmware inside the vehicle’s computer during services at the dealership.

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• Connects directly into your OBD-II port, making it easy to access and to install. Though both of the cars we’re working with are the same, this Flashpaq tuner will work with any two gasoline-powered Ford vehicles.