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Who is adam gregory dating 2016

Brooke reluctantly agreed and moved out of Ridge's home and her marriage to Ridge was declared invalid.During this time, Thomas also took an interest in becoming a designer and even tried out for the summer internship, but his grandfather, Eric Forrester, turned him down because he was too young and inexperienced.Ridge and Taylor were divided by their marriage: Ridge wanted Thomas to annulled the marriage immediately while Taylor accepted the relationship.She even allowed them to move into their house on one condition: no sex in the family home.But Thomas and Gaby couldn't resist the temptation and had sex, which was later exposed by his sister, Phoebe, after she found a condom wrapper.Thinking that her brother's marriage would cause her parents to separate, she showed Taylor the condom wrapper, enraging her.

Ridge rescued Steffy and Taylor from Morgan, and they reunited with Thomas and Phoebe.However, Sally Spectra, owner of Spectra Couture, hired him right away, not caring that he was young and inexperienced.In order to keep Gaby from being deported, Thomas proposed to her and they married in Las Vegas.He began seeing Caitlin again after her relationship with Rick didn't work out.In 2005, Thomas became interested in Gabriela Moreno, devastating Caitlin who tried to win Thomas back.

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5% owner of Forrester Creations Former designer at Spectra Fashions (owner) Lead Designer at Forrester Creations Former Vice President of Forrester Creations Former employee at Forrester International Thomas Hamilton Forrester is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful. The role has previously been played by Drew Tyler Bell (2004-10), Adam Gregory (2010-14), and Pierson Fodé (2015-18).

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