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Chance was eliminated around the middle of the show, after failing at being a "team player" in several challenges and generally being high maintenance.Chance ended up not choosing anyone, saying he wasn't ready to fall in love.Real and Chance appeared on Chelsea Lately on May 25, 2009 to talk about the second season of Real Chance of Love, which was in production at the time.Ultimately, Ahmad selected Doll, while Kamal selected Hot Wings.

Boston and Tango of I Love New York were offered to star in their own reality show. Boston declined and the plans eventually fell through, leaving the show to be picked up for Real and Chance.

Corned beef is derived from cattle (beef), not from pigs (pork).

Also, don't mistake 'corned beef' for 'corn-fed beef'.

and I also know because we had a secret affair, I dont know why he is on tv pretending to be straight, well actually I know, money and exposure, 15 minutes I suppose. Micah is the youngest among Ahmad (Real) and Kamal (Chance). i found this URL right after he appeared on ilny2:

Real Chance of Love is an American reality television dating game show featuring two brothers Ahmad Givens and Kamal Givens, of the rap group The Stallionares, and former contestants on I Love New York, who are looking for love.

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