Who is drake dating now

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Who is drake dating now

“It was all good between them, they seemed like friends and there was no tension at all.

It was a really casual exchange, but they caught up there at the bottom of the steps for a few minutes when they crossed paths.” rihanna-drake-work-song " data-medium-file="https://scstylecaster.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/rihanna-drake-work-song.jpg?

Update, p.m.: TMZ is now reporting that Drake absolutely did not shut down a D. restaurant for a date with Harris, as she was not in town that night.

Sources close to Drake told the outlet that reports of them dating are false.

But when she was asked in November 2009 about her relationship with Drake, Rihanna laughed it off saying the two were just friends.

In February 2011, the couple still had rumors swirling whenhey performed at the 2011 Grammy Awards with their duet, “What’s My Name?

Harris has since taken to Instagram to deny the outing, saying she was "happily working and dining" in New York City for Fashion Week.

Bella, who graduated from high school in June and has posed for the likes of Calvin Klein, Guess and Forever 21, was first romantically linked to the 31-year-old hip-hop sensation last month.

Drake, the 31-year-old sentimental Romeo of rap, is apparently dating an 18-year-old model now, E! Bella Harris was out with him for two nights in Washington, D. The two's proper public-ish date was Monday: Drake closed down D. Dating rumors first started last month, when Harris shared a photo of her and Drake together.The invite list also included Rihanna and Drake, who reunited after their rumored breakup and relationship.The Grammy-winning rapper was actually in the room with two exes that night—Jennifer Lopez made an appearance with Rodriguez.The pair reignited dating rumors again in 2016 but Rihanna shut him down during a performance of “Work,” by dodging his kiss. The two were performing during an tour stop in Miami when— n front of thousands of fans—Rihanna pulled away from Drake.But don’t worry, he redeemed himself at the 2016 VMA’s on August 28.

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C.'s RPM Italian that night so the two could enjoy roasted salmon, corn agnolotti, picatta moderno, and whipped potatoes without anyone else watching, a source told E! The two left the restaurant separately, Page Six reported, but were seen "getting cozy" there over dinner. They'd hang out again the next day at the same restaurant, this time with friends too. They have known each other for at least two years, E!

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