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Kenny: I think we originally met at regionals or something, or like an open workout. Angelo: The first year the games I missed, so two years ago. It’s been 20 years since I was overweight but I still struggle, which I’m sure you do as well.The doctors were like, “we weren’t expecting your—basically the heart attack was clogged arteries, you can’t get blood flowing through, but the doctor was so surprised about how strong her heart was, and he’s like, “what are you doing? My mom is healthy she’s ever been 30 years now, she does it every day. Since I’ve been alive he’s been about 250 pounds, he’s about 150 pounds right now. But one of the things I’m a big advocate of now is taking care of yourself, it’s not even about pushing weights and being strong as fuck and all that bullshit that everybody is putting up on Instagram and doing back flips, it’s just a matter of keeping yourself healthy enough so that you don’t deal with these diseases.I kind of gravitated out of that, because I always saw the reality TV world as a stepping stone into the entertainment world, and it taught me a lot about being on television, just the simple things, just the whole backend, like the production happens, and you have a more thorough understanding of how that all works. It’s so great that you have that perspective, because you see a lot of different literature in things about people that are on reality TV, and they usually don’t end up great after it.Kenny: Yeah, there is a lot of people who let it affect them so negatively.It’s the same thing the musicians go through, like they are on stage and there is 80,000 people screaming their name and they are loving life and everything, as good as it can be, and then you go home to yourself or to your wife or your kids and you are like searching for that high again. Now it’s like anybody who’s anybody go, “yo, I’m a business fucking pro”. Kenny: I’ll tell you what man, since I was a kid I wanted to.I would spend weeks or months on the road doing stuff and then I come home and I’m like sitting in bed by myself and you are like, what the fuck I’m I doing? One of the first gyms I joined I was 17, 18 years old.

Angelo: Yeah, you know what, the Open Announcement. Then we are just kind of been seeing each other ever since through mutual friends and [inaudible ] and all that. Once fat always like—even if it stuck in the back of your head and you don’t physically see it it’s still lodged in the back of your head that fear of, I don’t want to be heavy again.

I was up at a gym, it’s called Platinum Fitness, it was in [inaudible ] New Jersey where me and my family moved up to after we moved out in Newark.

Me and my brother joined this gym and we kind of hit it the way it was allowed. Even before that—my brother got me the encyclopedia of body building for my 15th birthday.

There are people who were expecting to be something more than what they were.

I’ll tell you what, and I think this is what a lot of celebrities—and I tell people this, I never think I’m a real celebrity, I’m not fucking Brad Pitt or something, but I’m just saying, you go from this extreme highs and lows. I worked at a shipping yard out in Jersey from the time I was 18 to the time I was like 25, 26. I always had a normal job and eating a huge slice of humble pie coming off television and then cleaning up waste and shit like in Equinox and working as a front desk guy at a gym just to get your reps in, just to be seen. Angelo: When did you know that you wanted to start training and coaching people?

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They feel like they are part of a family because I’m close with them, and now my family goes there. You feel like you’ve known somebody 100 years, and you are like, we will get a couple of workouts together and stuff.

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