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Windows mobile updating

W10 on phones is not dead (yet), I just updated my Lumia 640 DS KB4478936 update Windows 10 Mobile v1709 Build 15254.544 - December 11 Mobile - Windows 10 Forums It was upgraded to W10 couple of years ago and it had more or less regular updates.

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Wikipedia Try out now Internet Explorer is a graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.Probably because you're holding a tablet or phone right now or you just upgraded to Windows 10.Tap any browser on the left to learn more about them.And when I try that, I keep getting an error code 80004005.Tried the OTCupdater method using a USB cable to my laptop but that fails with a multiple roots error line 2 position 2. That is because Microsoft no longer supports Windows Mobile. Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Mobile Is Dead MS has moved toward more Opensource projects such as Chromium, Linux and Android for certain projects. his own stock, because he knew that Windows mobile was never going to do well in the end. Windows Phone is dead (for realsies) as Microsoft discontinues Skype and Yammer apps December 11, of 2019 is the last date that Windows 10 Mobile will receive any kind of updates.

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An article in Windows Central says it is very similar to the PC version, not only under the hood but with many of the same new features. have a Nokia Lumia 1520 HK variant which I got from Amazon as the 1520 was not released here in Canada.