Women dating men 5 years younger

Posted by / 01-Nov-2019 11:05

It’s tempting to succumb to temptation and try and have a casual fling with a younger woman. You see, one of the most attractive things about an older man is his maturity. She wants to learn from your wisdom and experience in life.And if you’re acting immature, she’ll just think you have Peter Pan Syndrome.When they feel emotionally connected, the physical connection just gets enhanced.It’s more about who you are and how you connect than your ability to have sex in many different positions.Women care about being emotionally engaged, and they’re probably turning to an older man because he knows himself and knows how to open up his heart.

It’s unlikely a 20-year-old understands the same nuances of life that a 40-year-old does. But in a relationship where one partner is several years older than the other that decision becomes a great deal more complicated. Although it’s not always the case, people who are older and more established are generally more financially secure.

Someone on the younger side may not be on board with that.

The younger you are the more likely you are to be in a “just having fun” mode and not ready to settle down. With different ages come different aged friends and hobbies.

There can also be problems integrating into each other’s social circles. While many couples who are truly in love can ignore the raised eyebrows and assumptions about one partner being the parent of the other, it can certainly cause stress for others.

Even if the two people in the relationship have found common ground, there is no certainty that the same will be said for each one’s friends. What can be even more difficult to handle is the scrutiny and criticism from family.

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Research suggests that men who are with younger women live longer lives and are generally in better health.