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Worst dating cities us

Analysts compared the cities using a multitude of factors, including dating opportunities, fun and recreation, and economics. You're probably enjoying your freedom and all of the prospective dates around you, with three of the top five cities for singles landing in California.

San Francisco ranked as the overall best location, although it'll cost you — it was one of the lowest ranked in economics, for its high restaurant costs and overall high costs of living.

Three East Coast cities scored the lowest for satisfaction with options for dating: Palm Bay, FL, New Haven, CT and Providence, RI.Dating can be a daunting prospect, and finding love is no easy feat.However, singles may find the search for their better half more challenging in certain US cities than others.For one thing, the analysts heavily weighted the "singles gender balance," a ratio of single men to single women, in its findings, ignoring the fact that not all single people are seeking a partner of the opposite gender.So if you're single and queer, these rankings might not matter much after all.

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Take a look: Los Angeles, often labeled as a superficial city, had men that were three times more likely than men in New York City to like a “curvy” woman.

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